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First American
First American Natural Hazard Disclosures is among California's top providers of hazard, tax and claims history disclosure reports providing real estate professionals and home owners with the "best and the brightest" of the disclosure industry.

RealtyU® Group
Leading educators in the nation helping real estate professionals gain a better and deeper understanding of the knowledge they need to gain to better server the home buyer and home seller such as the Certified Neighborhood Specialist course.

eNeighborhoods, Inc., the nation's premier compiler of home and neighborhood information, providing real estate professionals with a comprehensive set of tools they use everyday to present buyers and sellers with the most up-to-date, localized information.

Connecting Neighbors
Connecting Neighbors, division of Reply! Inc., is the country's leading provider of Internet-based neighborhood marketing programs for real estate professionals in more than 13,000 neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Experts and Specialists Council

The Neighborhood Specialists Council has been created to establish the following:

  • Set standards for the material comprising the class portion of the Certified
    Neighborhood Specialist Designation program, delivered online or off line.
  • Set standards for real estate professionals seeking the CNS Designation.
  • Create guidelines for use of material and CNS designation.
  • Certify instructors for delivery of the course in the classroom.
  • Set requirements for achieving the CNS designation.
  • Create guidelines for membership in the Neighborhood Specialists Council.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Use of designation for Print and Internet media.
  • Listing in consumer-searchable database of Certified Neighborhood Specialists.
  • Access to website resources for neighborhood information.
  • Marketing Tips and Tricks.
  • Consumer Awareness Program (CAP).

Consumer Awareness Program: Programmed media campaign to raise consumer awareness that all agents are not created equal and those with a CNS designation have earned the right to call themselves “Expert.” CAP will be accomplished through:

  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • Real Estate Oriented Articles

Membership Requirement:
As a condition of membership, the Neighborhood Specialists Council requires each member to:

  • Successfully complete the CNS course material and research requirements
  • Be an active real estate licensee in good standing.
  • Adhere to the State and the NAR Code-of-Ethics.
  • Pay their annual membership dues.

Annual Membership Fees: The dues for membership in the Neighborhood Specialists Council are $99 annually; due upon your completion of the CNS course. The first year dues are sponsored by RealtyU® Group, Inc. and the anniversary date for membership will be the date of completion of the CNS course; online or offline.

About RealtyU® Group

In the early 1990's six prominent regional real estate schools started working together on a formal basis by sharing ideas and cooperating to provide their students better real estate education and training services. In 1995 Inner Circle Education (ICE), Inc. was formed and by 1998 the synergy was so valuable that participation was opened up to include a few other real estate schools.

In 2001, ICE changed its name to RealtyU® and in 2002 it was decided under new leadership to expand the network nationwide with the addition of carefully selected, ethical and experienced real estate schools and in 2004 numerous additional real estate education initiatives were added to broaden the service offerings.

With the company's 10th anniversary in 2005, the RealtyU® Group had grown to become the largest real estate education and training provider in the real estate industry, offering real estate brokers and agents a complete one-stop real estate career development service through the following companies and divisions:

  • RealtyU School Network
  • RealtyU Online
  • RealtyU Alumni
  • RealtyU Bookstore
  • iSucceed, Inc.
  • Real Estate Professionals Society
  • Seller Agency Council, Inc.
  • Neighborhood Specialists Council
  • Create A Plan, Inc.
  • US Coaching
  • Broker Agent Speakers Bureau, Inc.  
  • RealtyU® is also co-founder of Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation The Real Estate Apprentice Foundation

With over 250 campuses, 32 websites and online educational services and over 400,000 agents trained every year, the RealtyU® Group today educates approximately one out of every four Realtors® in the United States.

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