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From:  Allen Wright

Dear RE Professional,

If you’re a real estate agent, broker or owner of a real estate company, and are looking to sell a listing faster, to get an edge when going after new business, or to improve your marketing… I would like to show you how the Certified Neighborhood Specialist (CNS) designation course can separate you from other agents and allow you to earn more money simply by tapping into wealth of in-depth neighborhood expertise.

Hi, my name is Allen Wright and I am Senior Vice President of The RealtyU Group and the lead developer of the CNS designation course.  Realty U is the leading career development company in the real estate industry… and we do something very unique in our industry in that we have created a specific designation course to develop the neighborhood expertise that every agent needs in order to prosper in today’s real estate market.  A marketplace much different then it was 2-5 years ago.

Gone are the days when you only had to sell the benefits of the house…now buyers have tons of choice and sellers are looking for only the most qualified agent to list their house.  According to recent survey done by the National Association of REALTORS®, both buyers and sellers rank neighborhood knowledge as one of the leading qualifications when selecting a real estate agent.  But how do you get the neighborhood information you need?

This is the only course available that guides real estate agents step-by-step on how to become the most knowledgeable, trusted, and most referred real estate agent in any neighborhood.

How To Generate More Business Now!

The CNS course offers agents a step-by-step easy to follow process for generating significantly more neighborhood awareness and name recognition.  We not only give you the strategy, but also explain it and provide the exact steps on how to implement it fast.  Showing you how to use neighborhood information to your advantage.

Here is a list of the methods we give you for generating more business in any neighborhood. 

  • Develop a “storyline” for your neighborhood and then have unshakable confidence to sell someone on the benefits of the area.  All from gathering key neighborhood data before any presentations.
  • Neighborhood Showcase – plays to people’s vanity…neighbor only open house.
  • Staged Mailings – use neighborhood turnover to save money on marketing.
  • Neighborhood Magnet – not your traditional magnet marketing idea.
  • Sales Statistic Update – Improve awareness by updating the neighborhood with recent sales.  Keeps your name in front of them and plays off of other agent’s success.
  • Marketing to Renters – How to identify renters in your neighborhood and then systematically turn them into buyers or a nice pool of referrals.  It also covers how to market to the absentee owner and gather information about them.
  • Marketing to Generations – If you know the age of the people moving into the neighborhood or the people who live in the neighborhood…You’ll know how to focus your marketing better.  This is an area that most agents overlook, but is thoroughly explained in the CNS course.
  • Neighborhood Info Resource Webpage with examples and turnkey templates. Now become the “ultimate” resource for any neighborhood and generate more referrals automatically.  We’ll teach you which 6 areas of information homeowners find valuable and you should give them resources for.
  • And much, much more...

Why Do CNS Agents Generate More Business?

Most agents only do the traditional farming like canvassing, door hangers, garage sales, and mailing.  These methods work, but not as well as they did in past.  The 2 biggest problems most agents have today is following a consistent plan in selecting the best overall area farm.  If you’re marketing is inconsistent or you select an area with low turnover ratio…how can you be successful?

The CNS course gives you a powerful plan of attack, but also the tools to make sure you are farming the best area.  This all starts with good neighborhood information.

So How Does the CNS Course Give You Clear Expertise Over Other Agents?

The CNS course and designation gives agents a clear level of expertise over any other agent because your neighborhood expertise will allow you to confidently say, “This is a good neighborhood because…”

You’ll have the in-depth neighborhood information to…
  • Develop selling points far beyond just the house.
  • Advertise your neighborhood expertise to the community.
  • Develop a comprehensive resource webpage for your neighborhood.
  • Know about the area and issues associated with it.
  • Issues with the building process or developer.
  • HOA processes, restrictions, and by-laws.
  • Current problems or issues in the area.
  • And much, much more!

Show your clear expertise by creating a “storyline” (2-3 minute in-depth narrative) about the history of the community, its important selling points, overview of the schools, important developments and other unique features of the neighborhood.  This not only demonstrates your knowledge, but differentiates you from most other agents.  All based from knowing in-depth neighborhood information.

Once you learn how to develop a powerful “storyline” for a neighborhood, no other agent will be able come close to your level knowledge about that neighborhood.  Someone will know within 30 seconds that you’re much different from most real estate agents!

Don’t Take Our Word For It…Here’s What Other Agents Say!

Being A Certified Neighborhood Specialist
Builds Creditability and Trust!

Some agents claim to be an “expert” but never can prove it – all they know about is the listing.  As a CNS, you can…

  • Incorporate the CNS designation into all of your marketing making it more powerful.
  • Advertise your neighborhood expertise to the community
  • Develop a comprehensive resource webpage for your neighborhood
  • Work with HOA’s as an expert about the area and issues associated with it.
  • Confidently answer any question about the neighborhood – even the tough ones.
  • Know how to use a “storyline” to sell the neighborhood and establish your creditability.

Earn More Money By Marketing And Positioning a House To Sell Faster!

CNS agents are taught how to use the demographics of the neighborhood to tailor the marketing exactly towards the right target market. For example, if you have a neighborhood that is generally young couples, then it makes sense that the marketing is geared toward attracting young married couples right?  You’d be surprised by how many agents don’t do this! 

FACT: The more selling advantages you know about of the area and weave into the benefits of a home; the more attractive you can make a home appear to the right target market.

Why is this important? The real estate market is constantly changing and today’s agent needs specialized knowledge more than ever.  This is especially true now that sellers have easy access to online/offline discounters that only charge a flat low rate to sell a house. 

If you don’t learn how to improve the marketing strategy for your listings, more of them will stall which means significantly less commissions.

Take Advantage of More Available Inventory. 
Help Buyers Locate The Perfect House/Community Faster.

CNS agents learn how research and gain a through knowledge of any neighborhood.  When working with a buyer, a CNS agent learns to first uncover the buyer’s current situation and future plans so they can isolate the best communities before selecting any homes to show.  This saves you time chauffeuring around potential buyers and showing them homes in neighborhoods that don’t fit their needs.

Most agents only ask the basics…

  • Price range?
  • How many bedrooms/baths?
  • What type of house?
  • What general location?

CNS agents have the in-depth neighborhood knowledge to ask about potential deal breakers in the first meeting!  The know how to “pre-qualify” people for the right neighborhood first…before worrying about finding the right house.

The CNS Course Is a Great.
Everything Is Thoroughly Explained – Easy To Understand

The course is presented in a cutting-edge multimedia format that allows you to learn at your own pace and the best time that fits your busy schedule.  There’s a comprehensive review at the end of each chapter. Exam questions at the end of each module ensure that you don’t miss any key points.

Most courses are boring and not interesting.  Often they are just somebody reading from a book.

Step-by-step instructions are given on how to use what you learn in your business right away plus real world examples are given for most ideas.  Everything you need to implement is given to you in one convenient location – knowledge, resources, tools, etc.

The CNS course shows you…

  • Where to go
  • Who to see for those more difficult research items
  • How to ask for it
  • And suggestions on how to get around road-blocks.

The material presented in the course focuses on the key information and knowledge agents must know to be a true neighborhood expert.

This Course Covers It All…
No One Will Come Close To Your Level of Knowledge.

Module I – General Property Information (85 minutes)

  1. History – Know the history of how neighborhood’s developed throughout the century.
  2. Raw Land – Learn what developers look for when starting creating a neighborhood
  3. Approval Process – How to get a new neighborhood development approved.
  4. Topography – Learn about the terrain issues affect property development.
  5. Soil – What effects does soil type have on a neighborhood?
  6. Zoning – What you need to know about zoning issues and how to study those issues properly.
  7. Maps – What are the basic types of maps that are available for you to use.
  8. Natural Disasters – Learn about the different types of natural disasters and how they impact your clients.

Module II – Property Improvement Information (70 minutes)

  1. Definitions – Become aware of the terminology differences throughout the country.
  2. House Styles – Learn how housing styles are selected and approved.
  3. Plans – Get familiar with the different plans that are used during the construction process.
  4. Building Codes – How to identify and understand building code changes.
  5. Construction Phases – Learn why phases are used and important issues regarding phases
  6. Building Process – Achieve a basic understanding of the construction process.
  7. Utilities – Know what information you need know about your local utilities
  8. Hazards – Be aware of any hazard reports and know about potential property hazards

Module III – Essential Property Information (85 minutes)

  1. Sales Information – How to use the MLS in your role as Neighborhood Specialist
  2. Ownership – Learn how and why to investigate ownership information of a neighborhood
  3. Housing Types - Learn how and why to investigate the housing type information of a neighborhood
  4. Housing Mix - Learn how and why to investigate housing mix information of a neighborhood
  5. Tax Types – Learn how and why to investigate tax issues affecting a neighborhood
  6. Future Bldg Projects – Easily locate future building projects affecting a neighborhood
  7. Eminent Domain – Quickly find Eminent Domain concerns affecting a community
  8. HOA Community Bylaws – How to discover the “red flags” that your client needs to know.

Module IV - Key Neighborhood Information (100 minutes)

  1. Census – Finally learn the right way to use this powerful demographic tool
  2. Demographics Generational Selling – Now you can understand the subtle differences in marketing to various generations
  3. Martial Family Status – Take a look at an example investigation of consumer information from the Census
  4. Income, Employment Education – What you need to know about locating and using the data.
  5. Schools – Researching school information and making it available to your clients.
  6. Activities – What are the neighborhood activities and use it in your marketing.
  7. Weather – How to locate and use weather information in your marketing.
  8. Crime - Learn to locate crime statistics and use them to your advantage.

3 Easy Ways To Get The CNS Designation After The Course!

Any agent can get the CNS designation after passing the course so this is a perfect for every real estate professional!

You have 3 ways to earn the designation:

  1. Complete 4 course projects for each neighborhood you want to be certified an expert in.
  2. Submit proof of 5 transactions in a specific neighborhood
  3. Produce a “Neighborhood Report” from

Some designations are too easy and no requirements at all!  Others make you sell a certain number of houses, or have a certain amount of experience.  Even though it is not hard to get the designation, it is not automatic either.  This way we can make sure every CNS is a true expert.

The CNS Course Relates To Current Real Estate Agent Needs.

Everyday consumers are demanding and selecting the more skilled real estate agents.  The CNS course fills in the gap for agents that want more skills and expertise.  Plus the course trains agents on neighborhood knowledge which is key in today’s slow market conditions.

In a recent survey from the National Association of Realtors, neighborhood knowledge is one of the top reasons why someone chooses a certain real estate agent.

Most courses teach yesterdays information and doesn’t relate to the challenges agents face today. 

Every Agent Can Benefit From The CNS Immediately.

Very few agents know about all the tools and resources available for researching and gathering data about a particular neighborhood.  And even less use demographic information because they are afraid of the fair housing laws

The CNS course gives you access to the right tools and resources so that you can become a better real estate agent.  The course even takes your hand and walks you through using demographic information without the fear of being sued.

  • How to use in-depth neighborhood information as relevant and useful content for marketing.
    • Tax changes
    • HOA updates
    • Area Construction Updates and Impacts
  • Know how to point people in the right direction to get answers to questions that may violate Fair Housing Act.
  • Know how to locate the “red-flag deal-killer” issues with your neighborhood so you don’t waste time when a buyer might be affected.

Get Access To Powerful CNS Agent Support and Tools.

Council of Neighborhood Specialists actively promotes the benefits of working with a CNS agent directly to the consumer.  No other designation markets like this directly to the consumer.

This includes the following and more…

  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Informational Website
  • Agent Locator
  • Marketing brochures for the CNS agent
  • Pre-Tested postcards for the CNS agent

Plus, the Council of Neighborhood Specialists is available to help agents immediately after completing the course.  Comprehensive help and support is available for any agent taking the course.  All they have to do is click a link and support is notified.

The CNS agent also gets the following to help them promote their expertise….

  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Press Releases
  • Articles they can modify
  • Emails

Take The CNS Course NOW!
Only $199 $99...with Money-Back Guarantee.

The Council of Neighborhood Specialists is committed to provide real estate brokers and agents with quality education and training materials that will help them obtaining a better understanding of the information that can be found on any selected neighborhood. If, within 180 days of completing the online CNS Course, you do not increase your annual production with one additional listing or sale, the Council of Neighborhood Specialists will refund 100% of the cost of the money you paid for the online CNS course.

I've removed the veil. I've shown you the undeniable truth that I can give you a simple, step-by-step system that's guaranteed to make you money.

The ball's in your court. It's your future.

Choose the right option, make the small investment, and keep moving... you're closer than you think to actually discovering real wealth.

For a Limited Time! 
Special Half Price Offer - Only $99!

I've put together a special price offer for you if you enroll in CNS program in the next 24 hours.  This is a  very special - limited time - discount on the very affordable CNS course.  

You Can Save Over $99!

All you need to do is click the link below and you be immediately directed to your special price enrollment page so you can get your 50% Discount.

4 Easy Ways To Order…  

  1. To get enrolled in the online Certified Neighborhood Specialist course for the incredibly low price of just $199  only $99.

    Click here to order online.

    (Remember: If you're not thrilled with our step-by-step strategies, and don’t add at least one more listing or sell to your annual production in 180 days. You pay nothing AND you keep knowledge -- a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide!)

  2. To order by phone: Call us toll-free at 1-800-690-6140 (8am - 6pm Pacific Time) and mention "ReMax Special Price." If you call outside of business hours, please leave us a message with your call-back number, the best time to call, and the publication number.

  3. To order by mail or fax, click here to print out an order form.

  4. If you'd prefer to have us call YOU for your ordering information, click here.

As soon as you order it, you will be able to take the course immediately. And you'll even be able to complete everything the very same day if you want.

Just think, this week might be one of the last weeks you ever have to worry about separating yourself from other agents and earning more money.

It wouldn't be the first time it happened to someone like you.


Allen Wright
Senior VP

P.S.....Why not take just 4 hours out of your day and unlock the wealth of the neighborhood.  We promise that if you don’t generate at least one (1) extra transaction from the CNS course, then we will refund your money…no questions asked.  This makes taking this course truly risk-free!  So go ahead and purchase the course right now. You can be using this information with your very next client.

P.P.S....Don't forget that I've a special offer price for you if you enroll in CNS program in the next 24 hours.  This is a special - limited time - discount on the very affordable CNS course.    Worth over $99!

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